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Richard Hinds, JD, is the Owner and Company Representative of Texas Financial Investigators. He is a licensed Private Investigator (DPS License #85040001) and a licensed Attorney at Law (State Bar License #24004077).

Texas Financial Investigators is an Investigation Company licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division (DPS License #A12677101).

Mr. Hinds is a 1997 graduate of Baylor University School of Law (Juris Doctor Degree) and a 1985 graduate of the University of North Texas (Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a major in Real Estate Investments and Analysis).

Prior to law school, he had a decade-long career as a real estate consultant and analyst in private practice, a bank executive with two regional banks, and as an executive with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Texas Financial Investigators specializes in asset recovery for individuals and organizations. In most instances, the true owners have no knowledge of the assets they rightfully own prior to us contacting and informing them about the asset.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

In addition to being financial and legal experts, we specialize in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations and data mining. OSINT generally refers to the tools, tactics, technologies, methodologies, and sources used in researching and collecting data and information from “open” and publicly available databases and data repositories. Many are unknown to the general public.

Following is a list of the common types of assets unknowingly owned by individuals and organizations.

Common Types of Unknown Assets

Checking Accounts (click for asset descriptions)  •  Savings Accounts  •  Matured Certificates of Deposit  •  Christmas Club Accounts  •  Money on Deposit  •  Security Deposits  •  Unidentified Deposits  •  Suspense Accounts  •  Cashier’s Checks  •  Certified Checks  •  Registered Checks  •  Treasurer’s Checks  •  Drafts  •  Warrants  •  Money Orders  •  Traveler’s Checks  •  Foreign Exchange Checks  •  Expense Checks  •  Pension Checks  •  Credit Checks  •  Credit Memos  •  Vendor Checks  •  Written-Off Checks  •  Official Checks  •  Certificates of Deposit Interest Checks  •  Money Orders  •  Escrow Funds Hely by a Court  •  Condemnation Awards  •  Missing Heir Funds  •  Suspense Accounts  •  Miscellaneous Court Deposits  •  Group Claim Payments  •  Group Claim Benefits  •  Death Benefits  •  Matured Policy Endowments  •  Premium Refunds  •  Unidentified Remittances  •  Amounts Due Per Policies  •  Agent Credit Balances  •  Interest Penalties  •  Net Revenue Interest  •  Mineral Royalties  •  Overriding Royalties  •  Production Payments  •  Working Interests  •  Bonuses  •  Delay Rentals  •  Shut-In Royalties  •  Minimum Royalties  •  Ongoing Production  •  Wages  •  Commissions  •  Workers Compensations Benefits  •  Payments for Goods  •  Payment for Services  •  Customer Overpayments  •  Unidentified Remittances  •  Unrefunded Overcharges  •  Accounts Payable  •  Credit Balances  •  Credit Accounts Receivables  •  Discounts Due  •  Refunds Due  •  Rebates Due  •  Unredeemed Gift Certificates  •  Loan Collateral  •  Pension and Profit Sharing  •  Dissolution Proceeds  •  Miscellaneous Outstanding Checks  •  Miscellaneous Intangible Property  •  Suspense Liability  •  Reciprocal Property  •  Salvaged Oil Equipment  •  Salvaged Gas Equipment  •  Condensate Proceeds  •  Other Securities  •  Dividends  •  Registered Bond Interest  •  Principal Payments  •  Equity Payments  •  Profits  •  Funds Paid for Shares  •  Bearer Bond Interest  •  Bearer Bond Principal  •  Undelivered Stocks  •  Cash In Lieu Fractional Shares  •  Unexchanged Stocks  •  Other Certificates of Ownership  •  Underlying Shares  •  Liquidation Proceeds  •  Redemption Proceeds  •  Debentures  •  U.S. Government Securities  •  Book-Entry Mutual Funds  •  Stock Warrants or Rights  •  Registered Bond Principle  •  Dividend Reinvestments  •  Credit Balances  •  Non-Transferable Shares  •  Demutualization Cash Proceeds  •  Demutualization Shares  •  Safety Deposit Box Contents  •  Safekeeping Property  •  Miscellaneous Tangible Property  •  Loan Collateral  •  Paying Agent Accounts  •  Dividends  •  Fiduciary Funds  •  Escrow Accounts  •  Trust Vouchers  •  Pre-Need Funeral Plans  •  Utility Deposits  •  Membership Fees  •  Capital Credit Distributions  •  Victims Restitution Fund  •  Department of Housing and Urban Development Programs and Funds  •  Internal Revenue Service Refunds  •  Federal Stimulus Payments  •  Property Tax Refunds  •  Unknown Inheritances  •  Unknown Ownership Interests in Real Estate and Companies/Organizations, etc.


Following is a summary of the cash values/amounts of heretofore unknown assets we have recently discovered. Note that all amounts are rounded down to the nearest $10,000.


Type of Owner
Value in US Dollars
Foreign Corp.$4,550,000
Land Trust$4,200,000
Joint Trust$2,200,000
Oil Co.$530,000
Retail Outlet$340,000
Energy Co.$400,000
Tech Co.$630,000
Operating Acct.$470,000
County Govt.$300,000
Energy Co.$360,000
Engineering Co.$290,000
Major Bank$1,080,000
Major Mfr.$950,000


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